Tutorial Glossary

Here are the clarifications for some technical terms used in the tutorial documents.

Box A text entry box
Check box An icon that changes to show a tick or check mark when selected.
Click Press and release the left (select) mouse button.
Cross mark A box containing a '+' of a tree view that can expand a level of the tree view.
Double-click Pres and release the left (select) mouse button twice, in quick succession.
Dialog A window that opens and displays information to be changed, usually with an "OK" and "Cancel" button.
Menu bar The main menu bar for Visual Studio or the .NET window
Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 6.0 Microsoft's development suite that developers use to program C and C++ applications.
Tab Sometimes a dialog will display a row of 'Tabs' that can be selected to show different contents.

For example:

"Menu bar->File->New" means select the "New" entry from the "File" menu located on the main menu bar of the application.